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Feature Article: Keeping Anger in its Place

What turns a student the wrong direction can be the sudden onset of a series of failures. The myriad of emotional reactions; anxiety, panic, euphoria, relief, hope, despair, blame, self blame, and anger leads far to many to give up without realizing that these cycles in achievement are all a part of life, not just learning to fly. Recognition of this may be your greatest return on investment from flying.

Anger is a form of emotional blackmail, an adult temper tantrum. Like a thunderstorm it can grow into yelling and violence. It can be a blame-game where the responsibility for anger causing situations is transferred. That's the invitation. Don't play the game. Find a way to express your anger in a way that will not do harm to yourself or others. Don't dig yourself into an emotional hole. One of the greatest changes that occur in a person who becomes a pilot is, of necessity, his willingness to accept those conditions and situations that are beyond his control.

It is important that the student realize the extreme responsibility that exists when an instructor takes on a student. The ultimate responsibility is when the student is soloed. Any instructor who begins with symptoms of stress will become much worse prior to solo. Instructor stress will be mirrored by student stress. You are looking for certain instructional qualities. Being a super pilot is not one of them. You want to learn in a relaxed ground and cockpit atmosphere where the instructor is willing and able to take the time to explain without making you feel demeaned for not knowing. The instructor should be just as willing to listen to your reasoning for thinking as you do no matter how wrong. One of the more difficult processes in learning is to unlearn that which we 'knew' all along. Flying will change your personality. A pilot has a positive personality, a positive 'can do' outlook on life, and an awareness that some aspects of life, time, and nature are beyond control.

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