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exams to date

Feature Article: Universal Aspects

Soundness of judgment
Division of attention
Airspeed and altitude limits
Safety awareness
Smooth and accurate aircraft control
Ability to explain
Where to find information
Situational awareness.
Tests now follow logical sequence of flight from preflight to shutdown. There is an applicantís checklist of what to bring to the test along with an examinerís checklist of things to be covered. The introduction tabulates the references to be used by the examiner. Responsibility for teaching and testing of the test standards is explained along with special emphasis on aircraft operations critical to safety. The standards of performance are delineated between satisfactory and unsatisfactory.

Each test, once begun, will result in:
Pass - with white temporary certificate
Fail - with "pink" Notice of Disapproval of Application
Letter of Discontinuance - Applicant has 60 days to finish test.
Any subsequent test must be completed before expiration of written test deadline. (24 months after taken)

The following is an effort to give the pilot to be, a comprehensive but not complete analysis of the PRACTICAL TEST STANDARDS. In this one place you will find everything on the test but often greatly understated because of space constraints (Chronologically challenged instructors never admit knowledge limits). Where practical, brief and often incomplete topical explanations are made suggestive of what might be required during the test. Many aviation texts will give an expanded complete explanation. If particular items fail to bring recognition and understanding then go back to the books or your instructor. Refer to the contents of this material as it exists in other areas.

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