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Feature Article: Airworthiness Directive

(AD)Compliance Record

Aircraft No: Make: Serial Number

Aircraft Model:_______________________________________________________________

AD # Date Subject Compliance Method of Date of Airframe Component One-time Recurring Next Authorized and Received Due Compliance Compliance Total Time Total time in Compliance Signature

Amend Date/Hours Service at Service at Date/Hours Certificate

Number Other Other Type & #

Aircraft Record keeping Requirements of Part 91

Regulation Required Required Recordation Retention

Records Entry Location Requirement

91.411 Altimeter and Encoder Date and maximum altitude Maintenance Log 24 months

Signature, # Permanent

91.413 Transponder tests Test, date, signature # Maintenance log 24 months


91.417(a)(i ) Preventive, alternations Work performed, date completed Maintenance log Until repeated,

91.417(b)(i) 100 hr, annuals, required, Signature, certificate # of person Component log suspended, or approved inspections returning aircraft to service for one year

91.417(a)(i) Total time in service Identification /serial number Maintenance log Indefinite

91.417(b)(i) airframe, engines, Total time since new/overhauled Component log

propeller .

91.417(a)(2)(ii) Status of life-limited parts Identification /serial number Maintenance log Indefinite

91.417(b)(2) airframe, engine, propeller, Total time since new/overhauled Permanent record

or appliance

iii Time since last overhaul Identification/serial number Maintenance log Indefinite

as required on time basis Total time of service since Permanent record

________________ last overhaul .

iv Inspection status, time Type/time of last inspection Maintenance log Indefinite

since last defects found, items deferred Permanent record

v Status of ADs, time/ date DA number, revision date, Maintenance log Indefinite

when next required date of compliance, method AD Compliance record

and time/date of next action Permanent record

Signature/ Certificate # .

vi Form copies prescribed by Specified on Form 337 Form 337 attached Indefinite

FAR 43.9(a) for major alternation

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