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Feature Article: General Aviation Accidents

1.51% of pilots were between 40-49
2. 71% were private pilots
3. 52% had below 500 hours
4. 46% had less than 100 hrs in type
5. 77% were not IFR rated
6. 57% less than 20 hrs IFR instruction
7. 55% got weather briefing
8. 80% not on flight plan
9. 83% were single engine
10. 62% owned airplane
11. 75% flying for personal reasons
12. 62% in cruise phase of flight
13. 61% crashed in fog
14. 75% were killed
15. 72% of aircraft were IFR equipped
16. 97% of accidents were pilot error
17. 42% of accidents were caused by misuse of weather data
18. 40% of pilots had no weather briefing
19. 30% of accidents caused by pilots mishandling aircraft
20. 14% of accidents related to poor judgment, planning or decision-making
21. 35% of VFR into IFR occur at night
22. 11% of people in VFR to IFR conditions survive accident
23. 50% of fatal accidents were by pilots who had over 500 hours.
24. 80% are caused by pilot error:
25. 20% of the 80% are caused by low level flight (16%)
26. 20% of the 80% are caused by flight into weather (16%)
27. 20% of the 80% happen in airport vicinity (5 miles 3000')(16%)

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