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Feature Article: Advice From Over 30 Years Ago

The performance of any complex activity, such as flying an airplane, requires the learning of highly conditioned responses. Subject matter must be recalled instantly, and procedures must be performed reflexively--without hesitation or dependence on conscious thought. Consequently, good performance in complex activity requires study and practice beyond conscious thought. This study and practice is called 'overlearning', and is accomplished by exercise, drill and repetition.

Instructors can make best use of the time spent in drill and repetition learning activity by adhering to the following principles:

  1. Prescribe practice which is objective and is practical in application.
  2. Define the specific training objective.
  3. Determine in preflight discussion that the learner has a thorough understanding (insight) of the problem or task.
  4. Emphasize the importance of accuracy and technique, and provide the additional motivation to achieve it.
  5. Provide guidance, which is neither too controlling, nor too lax, and which permits experiencing what not to do, as well as learning what to do.
  6. Emphasize relationships of parts and tasks. Teach trainees when and how to expect transfer of skills learned in training to good on-the-job performance.
  7. Prepare the learner for variations, and what to do when variations or changes require modification of procedure. Bring as many realistic variations into the training as time and conditions permit.
  8. Be alert to recognize the problems and needs of individuals. Regulate your methods and temp to the personality and learning pattern of each student.
  9. Remember that higher levels of learning (the ability to apply and correlate) will aid the trainee in transferring knowledge and training from one task to another.
  10. Attitude flying and precision aircraft control (which requires the understanding, crosscheck, and use of all flight
    instruments) should be taught from the start of training to facilitate transition to high performance aircraft and
    instrument flight.

Canadian learning law #7 is called "Law of relationships in which instruction is sequenced from the known to unknown, simple to complex and easy to difficult.
--Really good pilots don't brag about it.
--A good pilot is most apt in a capacity to utilize cockpit resources.

If you expect to teach successfully you must incorporate humor as the leavening to make your points rise properly. Learning is fun in and of itself, a well placed remark or joke will serve as a memory 'tag' to keep the learning point in place. Science and technology will triumph over fear and superstition, God willing.

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