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Log Book - August 2001

logbook August 31st, 2001
Added Phonetic Alphabet table, found here. this will be added as part of a larger "library" section. There are too many items to just use the label "glossary"! In addition, I modified the exam to request email and name information up front, and automaticly email a study guide when you finish the exam. it also remembers your information so if you decide to take another exam, you can jump directly into it without registering again. Also made some color and header revisions and added/re-wrote a lot of the site copy. Wrote a loop that requires both the name and email address get entered before taking an exam. You can thank the guy who put "www.jeremy.com" as an email address for that one.

August 30th, 2001
I had over a dozen people take practice exams today - not bad considering the site has only been around for 10 days!!

August 27th, 2001
At the request of some of our FAA test takers, I have re-located the "continue" button found within the exam to the left side. This saves a bit on mouse travel.

August 26th, 2001
New people images posted, bug report added. Created this modifications page, to log all new changes and updates to the site on a daily basis. This may or may not interest you. Today saw the first real FAA exam test takers from the outside world. I am really hoping to hear from some of you, so I can get an idea of how well the test works.

August 25th, 2001
Added complete AIM/FAR pilot/controller glossary (1293 terms total). These terms are all searchable via the glossary link. Also decided to set up this daily log file, so I can keep track of what was done when... Initial site setup happened over the last few days including navigation, CGI engine, beta test engine, etc.

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