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FAA Practice Exam
Welcome to the new Enhanced Practice exam. My new exam offers a complete set of embedded figures, non-repeating questions, and a new faster, sleeker database system.

After you complete your questions, the program will instantly grade your test. If you provide your email address it will send you a helpful study guide containing any questions you missed. As a reminder, I am not part of any spamming conspiracy. I don't even eat spam. I will never give your address out to anyone.

That is all there is to it! I am working towards my own private pilot certificate. I developed this program to help ME study! Trust me, it works! Good luck on your test, and good skill flying! If you find this useful, please tell your friends, your instructor, other pilots, and your mother about 4VFR.COM. I plan to offer a complete resource for training and information.

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Fact: Students who used 4VFR.COM reported an average passing grade of over 90 PERCENT on the real FAA exam!

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