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Who are you?

That's the first question to ask as you launch your journey to becoming a pilot. Learning to fly results from a successful partnership between you, a flight instructor, and a flight school. And like any potential partnership, the more that each candidate knows about the other going in, the better the chances the partnership will succeed.

What should your flight-training partners know about you? First on the list is your aviation goals and objectives. Your partners can't help you get to where you want to go in aviation unless you know yourself. Second, what are the basic personality traits that will determine the kind of student and partner you'll be? Are you a quick study, or do you learn best with careful instruction and repetition? Are you a disciplined self-started, or feel more comfortable in a structured environment? Ooze with confidence, or tentative about your abilities? Would you say you have an aggressive, dominating personality, or are you accommodating and get along with almost everyone? Are you habitually punctual, or chronically late? The better you can objectively access your personality and learning style, the more successful you'll be at enlisting compatible flight training partners.

Learning to fly is a significant undertaking, one that could well change your life. To become the best possible pilot for the type of flying you wish to do, you need the best possible flight instruction. And that means picking the best possible flight training partners. That's the purpose of this guide, and its companion, "Choosing a Flight School". In "Choosing a Flight Instructor" you'll learn what to look for in a good instructor, and how to go about finding one. You'll be able to work up a plan for evaluating instructors, and how to manage the student-instructor relationship while you are training.

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