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A Lifetime Of Learning

Earning a pilot's certificate takes a lot of hard work, time, and expense (although it's relative bargain compared with many other elective activities). You'll get the most from that investment if you team up with the best instructor and flight school partners you can find.

Chances are when you receive your pilot's certificate you'll be told that it's a "license to learn." Don't be put off by the clich»; there's a lot of truth to it.

As you progress in aviation you'll realize that the flight instructor truly is your partner in learning. Whether you are checking out in a higher-performance aircraft, taking a flight review to meet FAA requirements for currency, or earning an advanced rating or certificate, you'll be working with a flight instructor to accomplish the mission.

A good flight instructor is an essential component of good primary flight training. And good primary flight training lays the foundation for a lifetime of safe, skillful flying, and learning.

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