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Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy. At no time now, or in the future, will any information ever be shared with anyone outside of 4VFR.COM.

Information we collect about you (names, email addresses, etc) are for use in contacting you directly. From time to time we will send out a news letter via email or snail mail that you may sign up to receive. You will not receive any information from us unless you request it, and all information sent will be for educational purposes only, and not designed as advertisements for any other product or service.

Testing information is confidential and is stored for your viewing only. Information is deleted from our system upon completion of your testing. Your test scores will never be posted publicly, or made available for official review at any time.

Study guides created from your tests will be sent to the email address specified by you during registration. These guides will offer you a list of questions you missed, and the correct answer to each question. Again, your information will not be made public to any student, visitor, or person outside of 4vfr.com.

At your request, we can review your testing information for clarification on questions or answers. All server logs are removed from our system every 24 hours. All test logs are removed upon completion of each test.