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V Terms

Here are a complete list of V Terms as printed in the FARs §1.2 thru §1.3, Part I - Definitions and Abbreviations. I know that this can be a bit confusing at first, but most are pretty logical and easy to remember.

V Term Definition
VA means design maneuvering speed
VB means design speed for maximum gust intensity
VC means design cruising speed
VD means design driving speed
VDF/ MDF means demonstrated flight diving speed
VEF means the speed at which the critical engine is assumed to fail during a takeoff
VF means design flap speed
VFC/ MFC means maximum speed for stability characteristics
VFE means maximum flap extended speed
VH means maximum speed in level flight with maximum continuous power
VLE means maximum landing gear extended speed
VLO means maximum landing gear operating speed.
VLOF means lift-off speed
VMC means minimum control speed with the critical engine inoperative
VMO / MMO means maximum operating limit speed
VMU means minimum unstick speed
VNE means never exceed speed
VNO means maximum structural cruising speed
VR means rotation speed
VS means the stalling speed or the minimum steady flight speed at which the airplane is controllable
VSO means the stalling speed or the minimum steady flight speed in the landing configuration
VSI means the stalling speed or the minimum steady flight speed obtained in a specific configuration
VTOSS means takeoff safety speed for Category A rotorcraft.
VX means speed for best angle of climb
VY means speed for best rate of climb
V1 means the maximum speed in the takeoff at which the pilot must take the first action (e.g., apply brakes, reduce thrust, deploy speed brakes) to stop the airplane within the accelerate-stop distance. V1 also means the minimum speed in the takeoff, following a failure of the critical engine at VEF' at which the pilot can continue the takeoff and achieve the required height above the takeoff surface withint the takeoff distance.
V2 means takeoff safety speed
V2 MIN means minimum takeoff safety speed